NFL Stud Visanthe Shiancoe’s Penis Slip Attracts Porn Offer

hung NFL stud Visanthe Shiancoe

Not to be outdone by team mate Brett Favre, Visanthe Shiancoe let his penis slip out from behind a towel on national television. While pretending to be outraged, the entire nation was impressed with his big dick, some were so impressed that they offered him a porn contract.

The NFL star was given an exclusive offer from Black Ice productions general manager Tony Santoro, who was blown away after seeing Mr Shiancoe in the flesh.

“From what we’ve seen, there is definitely a career for Visanthe in the adult industry, if he’d like one,” said Black Ice general manager Tony Santoro. “We would welcome an opportunity to align ourselves with a world-class athlete of Viante’s stature.”

Now with all the attention that his penis slip drew, many going as far as accusing him of purposely showing his big peen to the entire nation. Even if he did, who could blame him?

visanthane shiancoe penis slip on live tv

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