Announcement: Kanye West Penis Pics

pic of kanye west's 10 inch black celebrity cock

Well here we have Kanye West and his hop-hop cock exposed in not one but TWO sex tapes that are being shopped around. His penis is reportedly 10 inches so it is indeed as big as his ego, but also dark and twisted like his personality. ┬áThese pics of Kanye’s dick pretty much confirm that Kim Kardashian only messes around with guys that are packing.

I wonder if there is a black rapper with a small penis because every pic of a black celebrity cock that pops up is always huge. Don’t get us wrong, we are not complaining about seeing all these big dicks, we are just wondering…thats all. So who do you think has a bigger cock, Kim Kardashian’s current black celeb boyfriend Kanye West, or her ex-bf Ray J?

Just for all the cynics out there who think that this might not be a real pic of Kanye’s penis, he has confirmed himself that it indeed him so at least we know that this penis measures up to his ego.

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