Pics of Jude Law’s Small Penis

Jude Law Paparazzi candid

Jude Law did nothing to help the rumor that British men have small dicks when the Papparazzi caught pics of his shriveled peen while toweling off after a swim. In a moment reminiscent of George Costanza (think shrinkage), Jude Law was caught in this famous celebrity penis pic, and the verdict issued forth by the Internet was a unanimous one – Jude Law has a small dick.

The pic was aired in the infamous Ny Post page six gossip column, where rumor has it a group of female publicists, totally unsympathetic to his shrinkage situation, made Jude Law’s dignified British peen the object of mockery.

“He’s no Tommy Lee, that’s for sure,” sighed one unimpressed publicist who viewed copies of the paparazzi pix obtained by PAGE SIX.”

Jude Law naked shriveled penis from shrinkage

It was not before long that all the internet was jumping on the “Jude Law has a small penis” bandwagon. So, Jude’s first line of defense was to try and have all the compromising pics of his manhood taken down from the internet, which was met with little success. Not to mention, it made him appear all the more concerned with his penis size and what people were saying about it.

So, the next order of business was for Jude’s “people” to distribute the photo (shown below) of Jude’s erect penis through his pants, in order to show the world that Jude is in fact a “grower and not a shower”, and to once and for all quiet the gossip about his small penis.

Jude Law erect bulge shot of his small penis when hard

The question still remains…Did it work?

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