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Greg Oden Celebrity

While sidelined from play with an injured knee, promising NBA basketball star Greg Oden became yet another cheating celebrity to have pics of their penis leaked by scorned ex lovers. As always when celebrity penis pics surface, the genitalia in question became the topic of intense scrutiny.

The nude pics of Greg Oden were first leaked by, who claimed they were sent by an anonymous ex girlfriend. While one would think that a 7ft tall black man would have nothing to worry about, the comments beneath the pics tell a different story. The internet seemed to be undecided about whether or not Greg Oden’s dick size was big or small, with some even going as far as to mock the size of his penis.

You be the judge:
What the limp dick of a 7 foot NBA player looks like

“I saw them and my heart just dropped” – Greg Oden on the pics of his penis.He must have been talking about the above pic when he made that comment.

Cock shot of Greg Oden is leaked after he takes pic of penis

One thing is for certain, if your are a celebrity, and you are unlucky enough to have those pics of your penis posted on the internet, be prepared to face some harsh critics.

In other words, if you are a 7 ft tall black man, you better be hung like one.

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