Announcement: Kanye West Penis Pics

pic of kanye west's 10 inch black celebrity cock

Well here we have Kanye West and his hop-hop cock exposed in not one but TWO sex tapes that are being shopped around. His penis is reportedly 10 inches so it is indeed as big as his ego, but also dark and twisted like his personality.  These pics of Kanye’s dick pretty much confirm that Kim Kardashian only messes around with guys that are packing.

Announcement: Chris Brown Penis Pics

Chris brown has pics of his celebrity penis leaked

Chris brown is the next celebrity to join the long and growing list of celebs who texted pics of their penis only to have them spread all over the internet. In case you were wondering, Chris Brown has a really long cock.

Prince William Royal Penis Pics

celebrity penis pic of Prince William and his royal penis

In light of the upcoming “Royal Wedding” we have posted the pics of Prince William’s royal penis. We just hope that his bride-to-be Kate Middleton doesn’t call of the wedding after seeing this small penis pic of Prince William.

Tommy Lee Penis Pics

tommy lee has a big celebrity penis

If you haven’t seen them already, here are Tommy Lee’s penis pics from the infamous sex tape he made with Pamela Anderson. We decided to post these pics of Tommy Lee because he has a big penis, and we need to keep the balance of small penises to big big penises.

Steve-O Penis Pics and Penis Imprint in Hollywood

steve-o pics of his celebrity penis

Steve-o from jackass is not shy to show his penis. He has shown his penis on the red carpet. there is an imprint of his penis at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. He has had a guy kiss his penis on camera. Steve-o deserve to have his penis pics showcased on this site.

NFL Stud Visanthe Shiancoe’s Penis Slip Attracts Porn Offer

hung NFL stud Visanthe Shiancoe

Not to be outdone by team mate Brett Favre, Visanthe Shiancoe let his penis slip out from behind a towel on national television. While pretending to be outraged, the entire nation was impressed with his big dick, some were so impressed that they offered him a porn contract.

Shia Labeouf Admits to Having a Small Penis

shia labouef admits to small dick

Transformers star Shia Labeouf puts an end to all rumors by coming forward and admitting to having a small penis in a candid interview with Playboy Magazine.

While sharing the story of how he lost his virginity, he told Playboy:

Brett Favre Ruins Reputation with Penis Pic Scandal

Brett Favre ruins rep with leaked penis pic

Brett Favre caused quite the scandal when he texted pics of his penis to NFL reporter Jenn Sturger. I think Charles Barkley summed up the whole situation when he said “My biggest problem with the whole Favre thing is if you’re going to send a woman a picture of your junk, it should be huge.”

Pics of Jude Law’s Small Penis

Jude Law Paparazzi candid

Jude Law did nothing to help the rumor that British men have small dicks when the Papparazzi caught pics of his shriveled peen while toweling off after a swim. In a moment reminiscent of George Costanza (think shrinkage), Jude Law was caught in this famous celebrity penis pic, and the verdict issued forth by the Internet was a unanimous one – Jude Law has a small dick.

Greg Oden Penis Pics

Greg Oden Celebrity

While sidelined from play with an injured knee, promising NBA basketball star Greg Oden became yet another cheating celebrity to have pics of their penis leaked by scorned ex lovers. As always when celebrity penis pics surface, the genitalia in question became the topic of intense scrutiny.

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